Friday, January 28, 2022

#Count [9]

#Count all the false dichotomies. Move proactively through them, to solutions.

Yesterday I had the honor to hold the third and last section of a class on Our Earth in Space. using Science on a Sphere, and focusing this time on the major achievement of humankind that is James Webb Space Telescope, its perfect launch on Christmas last year, 53 years after Apollo 8, its reaching four days ago its final destination at Lagrange 2 point 1.5 million kilometers away from the dark side of Earth, on its amazing technology including a cryogenic machine ensuring temperatures of about just 6 Kelvin, and on its ongoing shields and instruments deployment schedule and on its plans to discovery of questions it asks and seeks answers to. 🌞🌏🚀🌗🛰🪐💫💧

Imagine my surprise to learn that learners in our group—adults interested in space exploration—, who in the beginning of the class correctly interpreted Sir Isaac Newton's 1687 originating gravitation law, have never heard of Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions, nor of the 232 years that passed from then until the 1919 Sir Edington experiments with a Solar Eclipse, proving Albert Einstein correct, dethroned Isaac Newton from being founding "king of Physics". To say nothing about Count de Broglie's work, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle or Schroedinger's cat. We ought to do better at designing and implementing education in our world. 

There is no better feeling than to see the curious eyes of folks learning something new to them that they could've and should've known long time ago. Life is good. Make every day a good day!

Asks us questions on construcral law and particularly on its application to human systems.👇

In memory of Donald T. Campbell and Paul Y Hammond. 🙏

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