Tuesday, July 30, 2019

One hundred and forty seven days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

Second week in #policy making, and week twenty-one overall, are complete.

We are armed now with a few books and a few other concepts and approaches intended to lead us into the depths of the field. With thoroughness one can now delve deeper in better understanding and making a difference in virtually any policy issue area. Let us recall that prior concepts that we introduced are all fair game to use in bombarding any policy issue area with them for analysis. We exemplified that briefly in week 140 with Imagination as applied in policy making. 

Last week, preparing a few videos on another related project we will be releasing soon, particularized to parents, we recalled a story that in much part started it all. 

The story of the eighteen month old girl climbing on a chair, that she brought from the kitchen to the porch, to look past the porch railing to see where her fallen doll had landed under the porch. 

_Behavior never taught or trained._ 

We used said story to re-boost the self esteem of college and graduate students in public policy and management for a couple of decades now. It is thus only fair to emphasize it here now as well. 

_All life is a puzzle where we don't have the picture on the box in front of us._ We are equipped with the skills to address it well. All we need to do is to tap into them even when they've been covered over with false messages that we may have been forgotten or may not even be there. 

If nobody told us yet "you can't do that," we just went ahead and did it.;) If someone did yell at us the same we just didn't trust them and set out to prove them wrong!;) So we did it!

One reason we intentionally say this here and now has to do with Carnot. We know we all have the skills to ask and answer questions we must have about that and other things. Best of success.

The last week in review:

141. Agenda Setting

142. Policy Analysis 

143. Mystery Minority Stakeholder

144. Power of the Novice 

145. Lessons from Kindergarten, or Percentage achieved out of Carnot efficiency and effectiveness of a #strategy

146. Lamborghini 

147. Legacy

As always, we're here to answer any questions you may have after thoroughly considering all these and much more that they point out to. 

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

One hundred and forty days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

First week focusing on public policy making, or week twenty, are now behind us.

134. Public Good

135. Equity 

136. Euphemisms

137. Hand 

138. Interconnectedness

139. Concert (of Peace; of Science)

The future is what we make of it. Let's make it a good one. A "more perfect" one. Across the globe. We owe it ourselves. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and to theirs too. 

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

Monday, July 15, 2019

One hundred and thirty three days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

Week 19, second week dedicated to #entrepreneurship, is behind us. At least by count of days allocated. Entrepreneurship is never behind us, but is always ahead. It's part of its very nature. 

127. Hybrid Compliant-Rebel (HC-R)

128. Hybrid Information Assymetrical-Honest Business Model (HIA-HBM)

129. Integrate for Opportunity 

130. Hybrid Serial Parallel Development (HSPD)

131. Awe 

132. Universality 

133. Habit in Entrepreneurship or Hybrid Collaboration Competition in Entrepreneurship (HCCE)

We have a lot to use in our efforts to understand and apply concepts and their applied interplay to better our world through nurtured and sustained entrepreneurship. Let's do it. 

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

One hundred and twenty six days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

We just finished week 18, dedicated to #entrepreneurship. 


Here is a review of the week.

120. "Cîinii latră, caravana trece." [The dogs bark. The caravan passes.—original in Romanian]

121. The early bird gets the worm

122. Independence—Schumpeter Mark I and Mark II Innovation Regimes

123. Counter-indoctrination—Systemic Solution Proportional to Need (SSPN)

124. Vision

125. Barriers to entry

126. Make your weaknesses your strengths

A lot to think about so far. Let's start a new week on entrepreneurship today. 

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

One hundred and nineteen days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

Seventeen weeks completed. Six weeks plus six weeks of theoretical introductory work and two weeks on education followed by three weeks on energy.

By the next indexing next week we would have crossed the threshold of one third of our journey of one year. 

We are unstoppable. Next week that starts today and another week after this one shall be entrepreneurship. It's only natural that we cross from education to energy to entrepreneurship. 

Let's recall the past week:

113. Hierarchy

114. Gangrene

115. Torrent _or_ Recovering

116. Fish _or_ Warm Body Pets, or discussing the Paradox of Value

117. Harness adversity

118. Time and energy

119. Chain link

I am certain few of us thought either three weeks ago or seventeen weeks ago that (1) gangrene is an energy related concept, or that (2) we would have introduced before one third of the year three principles of thermodynamics without even naming them so.

We are left with showcasing how the homework for number 115 was supposed to be done. We promise we've done it. The quote after we finished an early draft was:

"All of your connections are far fetched, and I know you. How do you expect anyone else to make those?"

and my answer was of course:

"I actually don't expect anyone to make those same connections. That is how I'd do it. Everyone can do their own reasoning why torrent fits here best, or not, or why recovering fits better or not. The harnessing fear of a torrent and taming its energy instead is just my take at the question. Everyone can find, I am sure, much better ways to answer than my own."

Naturally, the goal remains that we can take any concept or situation needing analysis—this last week it was energy—, and we can select a fitted set of prior introduced concepts to bombard it with so that we delve deeper into understanding its intricacies and connections, systemically internal and external alike. 

To think, and to think well, may be considered by all of us as being the same as vicariously playing the greatest ever Super bowl or World Cup soccer game right down in the field along with Peyton Manning or Gheorghe Hagi while sitting in the easy chair and watching them play and shouting "go go go," but trust me: it's not. Nothing beats standing up and getting into the field to play and actually _become_ like Manning or Hagi of good thinking ourselves. 

Merely listening to another's argument, then either criticizing, or better yet appropriating that someone else's thinking and calling it our own doesn't make it our own. Nor does it make us thinkers. Actually training for it and then playing the game of better thinking is what makes us players in the game. Try it. The feeling and the power are mesmerizing!;) There's absolutely nothing else like it. Think about it: self induced high without either the costs or risks of running into trouble with police or anyone. 

Then again, maybe one of these days we'll have to answer questions when applying for positions that would sound like "Have you been thinking? If offered employment do you agree to subject yourself to a test to verify that you have not been thinking illegal thoughts?"

It's not illegal yet.

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.