Monday, January 30, 2017

This is America. It welcomed us. 

Let's welcome forward. 

The world is watching.

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On a more scientific note, and beyond the simply human thing to do, why it matters:

"Science and Technology Moves toward Attracting Poles—In 1994, in the middle of the new endogenous growth revolution in economics, Romer concludes in the end of his “Origins of Endogenous Growth” article that: 

In evaluating different models of growth, [Romer has] found that Lucas’s (1988) observation, that people with human capital migrate from places where it is scarce to places where it is abundant, is as powerful a piece of evidence as all the cross-country growth regressions combined. (Romer, 1994, p. 19)
Romer continues: 

this kind of fact, like the fact about intra-industry trade or the fact that people make discoveries, does not come with an attached t-statistic. As a result, these kinds of facts tend to be neglected in discussions that focus too narrowly on testing and rejecting models. (Romer, 1994, pp. 19–20)."
(Petrescu, 2003)

Autarchy kills any creativity, innovation, or entrepreneurship. Any questions?