Wednesday, January 26, 2022

#Count [5]

#Count who contributed to, and all that had to align, for you to read this today, here and now. 

Next, #️⃣๐Ÿง›‍♂️count lives ahead which you will impact into the future. Make it all a good impact. Better yet, make it _the best_ impact.

Use the power of the exponential curve.๐Ÿ“ˆ

Once you tell a good story into the future to another, they buy it, & you don't mind the credit, there are now two of you telling that story to the world.

I imagine a world where _energy independence is of the individual_, and hybrid. Not national, monopolistic, of the fossil fuels quasi-monopolies or of the renewable energy industries quasi-monopolies. Rather, a _hybrid_ at global scale, focused on the/each individual human being, whereby we can all (yes, that's 7.9 billion all) get and use a fair share of the sun's energy.

Who can argue that in the broad scheme of things the world was intended for a bird—accessing enough energy as to keep it alive and travel across the world if so its species is meant to do—is supposed to be better off than a thinking human? That a thinking human must be relegated to lesser than the panda bear—whose life is always dedicated mostly just to eating, as its food energy density is very low—in terms of that human's ability to be just like any other human, and access enough energy to survive a _human_ life? (Many folks will argue it, but they'd be logically afailing.)

Notice how the issues are never only what someone else, with an interest to distract you, tells you they are. In any system simply doing its job at working as a system, you must get to the root of understanding how the system functions before you can safely do anything to impact it. On this planet all energy comes from the sun. Yet, some will use more of it in their daily life. Some will use much less. Much much less. It's not just _how much_ energy. But how much packed _energy density_ is being used, by everyone, and what is the distribution across "all everyones".

Once we get that economics is physics, and all that actually means, it will make much much more sense. 

"Today" [5] (was supposed to be Monday) we watch _the power of the exponential curve_. It is shown here to show _the size_ of the issue, so that we grasp later, "tomorrow," the need for proportionally responding to that size of the issue.

Anticipatedly "tomorrow" [6] we'll watch _systemic thinking_ and "the day after tomorrow," which is actually today [7], we'll watch the power of constructal law in connection to Voltera S-curves, which we've been studying for over four decades.

Yesterday serendipity had it that we went to testify on #Yates at the Nebraska Capitol. Three minutes are short, so I was brief. I could not fit in «I heard President Reagan's siren call I heard live, saying "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." and I came to Nebraska as fast as I could.»

In memory of Donald T Campbell and Paul Y Hammond. ๐Ÿ™

Follow in the footsteps of the great.
Look inside.

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