Friday, January 21, 2022

#Count [2]

In our new series #count, I ask 

how many people are "like me"? 

The answer is always two fold. First, it is _none_. Second, it is "it depends." 

In what respect? is the intermediary question that _must be_ answered before one can start counting. 

Having a dishwasher? That was answered in yesterday's video by Hans, twelve years ago. 

Having read the US Constitution at 11 and having fallen in love with it, for life, in spite of the risks to life and liberty that entailed? One. Me. Because I was 11 y.o. in România and in 1976. Albeit as it turns out, you can love and recognize flaws in _something_ and want to change it to improve it, if only maybe dramatically, just the same.  

Having one's right protected by the Constitution? What about by _a_ powerful Constitution, dedicated to truly protecting human rights? _That_ is where the difficulty of real actual counting starts. Try it for yourself and see how far you can get. Suggestions on how to proceed? Write them down and see how well we can solve this simple arithmetic question.👇

Meanwhile, a good start on the learning journey, as pertaining so far to those on this land in the United States, over time, is here. Enjoy the show. It is much well worth it. If troubling, of course, as seeking truth always is. 

We thank wholeheartedly the Weitz Family Foundation, our Yates Illuminates partners, for the chance to see the show, and for bringing the show here in Omaha. A great performance. 

This series is dedicated wholeheartedly to the memory of Donald T. Campbell, and Paul Y. Hammond. Thank you.  

"Follow in the footsteps of the great.
Look inside. 

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