Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"One person's hacker is another person's Thomas Edison, only ill-nurtured."

"One person's hacker is another person's Thomas Edison, only ill-nurtured." 

When are we going to learn?

The idea that we can prevent or stop all cyber attacks fast enough is ludicrous. Best solutions: Educate targets & Co-opt potential perpetrators earliest on.

"[A parent should] show [their hacking kids] how to hack legally. Channel their interest into legal and ethical opportunities, like going to computer security conferences and participating in 'capture the flag' contests. The parent should challenge the kid by saying something like, 'So, do you think you're good enough to be in a capture the flag contest?' The parent can socially engineer the kid, & the kid will get the same fun and excitement but from a legal way. I just got through legally hacking a company today, and it gave me the same thrill as it did when I wasn't doing ethical & legal things. I wish they had all the legal ways to hack [back then]. [T]he only thing different between illegal & legal hacking? Report writing!" (Kevin Mitnick)

What part of _we function for the thrill of success_ we don't get? It worked for Thomas Edison. It worked quite well for all of us too, as a result of Edison's efforts. Imagine our world had we put young Edison in juvenile detention for having inadvertently blown up the train cart with his chemical experiment.

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

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