Friday, March 1, 2024

Success is always flow.

I decided not to run for US Congress in my Nebraska District 2.   

The unit of analysis is the person times decisions they (helped to) make. Let that be clear!

I know personally and do not anymore trust the future performance as my representative in Congress of either of the two main candidates, highlighted in the first comment below from their last confrontation. Yet, I don't have the energy and desire to waste my time trying to raise $1.5 million to "beat" either and both of them. It's a strong feeling of mine that the heat/inspiration pump we established and are growing with The Science Club at Yates Illuminates will have a much stronger impact than my serving in Congress, despite my personal conviction that we shall make the US much more like Omaha altogether—to get along well among neighbors and to build things together, bubbling from the ground up. That's after all how we founded this country in its past and how we are continuing to be showcasing ground up solutions to the world.

It's just not going to be my time wasted in Washington's gridlock. Now: for those of us who take the time to learn…

You made the effort to register and come to school. You're paying dearly and you'll be paying even much more dearly over time ahead.

At 19 you dress like at 19. "No suit and tie for [you]. A suit and tie is for old people and I'm certainly not old."

"Texas sucks." was a stereotype I must have heard thousands of times by twenty+ years ago. I had a student from Dallas in a large first year of university class in South East Michigan about this time twenty years ago. I let her speak often as she was opinionated and was always ready to answer many of my provocative questions asked of everyone. Then I had to help defend her because others had differing views and they were all of a sudden more interested in speaking themselves once the Dallas born student had started the conversation. I had previously argued in Texas's favor with a history professor (today) friend of mine who disliked the U.S. more than it deserved to be disliked based on my learning early in my high school days about the role Texas Instruments had played in the development of our information society revolution.

But then I learned much more myself. I wish the same upon everyone on this earth, but particularly so to all my neighbors in this election season.

Think about it. You ate chicken today? It was inspected because of a law that was helped to be passed by President Lyndon B Johnson. Maybe LBJ and implicit state laws saved your life.

Never ever settle for what you're told, especially by those who have an interest to fool you to adopt their stereotypes and nonsense. Do your due diligence work and settle for preferences rooted in solutions offered feasibly by folks with a real track record of success in doing things.

Science is in everything we do and take advantage of every day. Never let anyone tell you or have you believe otherwise.

Success is always flow. There's more of us.

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