Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Three hundred and fifty days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

Only two weeks left in our project. We are already getting ready for the next more advanced project after this one. Have a wild guess: what do you think it will be?

Meanwhile, our index for the past week:

344. Association of those who jumped out or through a window before age 10. 

345. Always find a champion to support you. Give the same or higher level of support in your turn. Always. Every time. 

346. The inter-layers norm is always protest. Community b based protest, even. It is never "smooth compliance." or in other words "There is power in numbers." (David Attenborough)

347. Fight off consciously and systematically _any and all_ Pavlovian response imposed on you. or
The trouble with conditioning all folks during 13+ years of education to bring a candle to school for "success" is that nobody will ever bring an electric bulb and electric generator as a result _and_ be awarded an A. Or even graduate at all.

348. "I could swear I studied this stuff, but it didn't make any sense to me." Just dig deeper. Trust an expert when they have the evidence. Otherwise don't. The hardest part is to learn which is when.

349. Make _before schooling_ a time to be remembered _and_ used forever for every child. or
You may only become the entrepreneur of your life by taking charge.

350. No second thoughts. Ever. Yet, learn.

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

"I have learned the novice can often see things that the expert overlooks. All that is necessary is to not be afraid of making mistakes or appearing naive." Abraham Maslow (1908-70)
"Cogito, ergo sum" (Rene Descartes, 1596-1650) 
"Who is John Galt?"

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