Monday, April 8, 2019

Thirty-five days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

We finished week five. By now we have 35 concepts to go through and combine between them and expand upon. The concepts we brought to everyone's attention range as broadly as from living vicariously to a contract with nature and from compliance, self-trust and frame of reference to measuring, robust design and flows.

This last week we added a lot, yet again:

29. Systemic Thinking 

30. Solution Seek

31. Friendly Fire

32. Personal Simultaneity Coefficient 

33. Coalition 

34. Flow

35. Natural Contract 

With these thirty-five concepts alone, when carefully addressed and understood, and when the learnings from utilizing them daily in our thinking and actions are driving our strategic views in life and business, we can already make a great difference in all we analyze, plan, implement, and help achieve. Play with the concepts. Dig deeper. Take everything for a spin. Ask questions if you have them. We'll be more than happy to engage and help with any and all ideas you may have.

Best of enjoyment,

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

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