Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Seven days in the project #CriticalThinking in 365 concepts

Starting March 4, 2019 we work on a small project named Critical Thinking in 365 words, or better yet, in 365 concepts.

When I was only three years and a half my parents chose to give me to German kindergarten. Over time German became such a terrible chore and a drag on my fun every day. I had to write five words in a vocabulary notebook every day and study and remember those, and show I still remember the ones from before. For the record we all remember the nouns in German come with twelve different ways to say "the," that all need to simply come naturally based on gender or case of the noun in use. The drill method was useful, in spite of my opposition at the time. So was knowing German, as without it life could not possibly have turned the way it did, and I simply love my life, past, present, and future. I recommend strongly a self designed drill like the one I endured as an elementary school child about German. Stands to reason that here in Nebraska parents fought to the US Supreme Court to teach their children German and they won in 1923. For a brief of Meyer v Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, see here:

We suggest that we are and can be much better parents everywhere because of this case. We also suggest that critical thinking is like learning a language. You practice every day. It's not a course you take in school. It's what we do every minute of every day. Think. So we might as well think well. Better, even. Let's start. And never stop. Keeping at it can easily make water pass through rock. Best of enjoyment!

So far our first week included:

1. Vicarious

2. Compliance 

3. Self-trust 

4. Drive

5. Intuition 

6. Frame of reference 

7. Straw man

It's never only the concepts, obviously. It's the order in which they are introduced. It's the questions posed which we invite reflection on and answers to. It's the practice every day of the new concepts introduced and especially the connection between them in light of our daily lives. 

We will post groups of seven words at the end of each week here. 

We welcome suggestions of order of introducing the next concepts as well as links to resources that may serve in making the concepts enjoyable. Please contribute directly here, on LinkedIn, on twitter, or email Dr. Pete Rescue directly. 

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