Wednesday, September 6, 2017

From Sun Tzu through Nicolo Machiavelli and much beyond, aren't we forgetting something?

I love it that we recognize the value of old great wisdom to show us the way to eliminate anchors to innovation. I wonder though if what is best and yet we may be missing isn't even older still, predating even language itself. We humans cannot create a system that escapes natural laws. Understanding that shall force us to learn from nature in all that we create anew. At their core organizations ultra-simplified are binomial at most. Could we find origin of anchors to innovation even inside the underutilization of cooperation and conflict inside a simple dyad? Better yet, can the anchor be inside just one pole of the dyad? We (each of us) are our own innovation enemy, are we not?;) If only we could see it well enough... One time long ago I saw an experiment in biology about plants speaking to each other using measurable field activity. Meanwhile we use language which often fails us. Ignoring all too often dialogues of many of the great much before us--plants, dolphins, whales etc., not to mention dinosaurs and plenty of other life of times immemorial... even in the simplest thing like data recording and replicating nature beats us by far, with DNA, while our own impertinence about our "progress" is of course laughable.

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

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