Monday, July 24, 2017

The rule is..., unless an exception applies and the rule is different

The bar exam starts tomorrow. Best of success to all taking it. Congratulations to all having survived it in the past and hope to meet all of you someday in a courtroom or outside of one simply simply contracting or just learning from each other. 

Attorney (in Court, towards witness): How many children were of the marriage?
Witness: Three.
A: How many boys?
W: None.
A: How many girls?
W: Your Honor, can I please get another attorney?

The joke aside, the right continuation is of course:

A: Your Honor, please strike the Witness's answer as unresponsive, and I ask this Court to instruct the Witness to answer the questions as asked.

But of course, it depends. 

The bar exam asks to show your work. Just as real life attorney work asks. As in math or science all the time. 

At issue is addition. 
The rule is to show you the two twos before you add them. Here, the first of the twos is a two because it looks like a two and the facts show that to us.
The second two is there. We can notice that another two is present. We see it because it is pointed out to us. 
Now we can add the first two to the second two. 
When you add two twos the answer is the addition of the two twos. 
Here, the answer is 2+2=4
Hence, our answer is four. 

Also at issue is the numeral system.
All of the above is applicable in base 10 numeral system, unless another numeral system (or system of numeration) applies. If one of the two is not a merchant than the two twos do not add up as between merchants. For a two to be a non-merchant, the number of fingers a counting species has combined on their two hands or frontal limbs  must be the same as the smallest figure expressed with two digits in the numeral system considered. Here, the smallest number is four, and it can be expressed as 10. Thus our species is a non-merchant species and the non-merchant rule applies. 
The rule between non-merchants is that you add on the presumed fingers on the species in front of you. 
Here, 2 (max fingers on one non-merchant hand) + 2 (max fingers on the other non-merchant hand)=10 (lowest number that can be expressed with two digits in the numeral system)

Therefore, our answer must be:

Leave professional work to professionals. They know why!

Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D.

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